Best Places to Visit in Virar

Virar has a lot of interesting things to see, like its beautiful beaches, Historical monuments , and local markets.

by Romit Kemprai 03/06/2023

Jivdani Temple: Virar Sacred Hilltop

It is Virar’s most important symbol, and it is on a mountain. The only temple of Goddess Jivdani in the country is there.

Jivdani Temple is in amazing location , the temple can be easily reached by train with Virar Station being the closest railway stop.

Just a short 9 km drive from Virar train station, this beach offers a peaceful retreat with stunning views of the Arabian Sea.

Arnala Beach

The stunning coconut grove garden at the main beach is home to some delightful restaurants.

Arnala Beach

The Archaeological Survey of India is responsible for preserving the historic Vasai Fort because of its significance and national pride.

Vasai Fort

The fort is spacious enough to accommodate visitors for an entire day.

Vasai Fort

To reach the fort, get on a train from Churchgate to Virar Railway Station.

Rajodi Beach is a stunning destination located in Palghar District, in the far north suburbs of Mumbai.

Rajodi Beach

The growing popularity of dolphin sightings and other adventure activities on the water has contributed to a surge in tourism.

Rajodi Beach

The Pelhar Dam lake in the Vasai Virar area is a rock earth dam that serves as a city’s water supply reservoir.

Pelhar Dam lake

A bicycle is the most efficient means of transportation to get here.Since it is a mud road, getting to Pelhar dam is impossible while it is raining.