5 Best Places to Visit in Virar, Maharashtra

Virar has a lot of interesting things to see, like its beautiful beaches, Historical monuments , and local markets. Arnala Beach, Jivdani Temple, Vasai Fort, and the Rajodi Beach are all famous places to visit in Virar.

5 Best Places to Visit in Virar, Maharashtra
5 Best Places to Visit in Virar, Maharashtra

Virar is a coastal city in taluka Vasai and district of Palghar. It’s part of the city of Vasai-Virar, which is run by the Vasai-Virar Municipal Corporation. It is located in Vasai Taluka, which is to the south of Palghar District and to the north of Mumbai.

Virar is a great place to visit due to its peaceful environment, less crowded atmosphere, and proximity to the beach. The locality is less polluted, making it a good choice for those who want to enjoy clean air and surroundings.

It is a perfect place to visit with friends and families for holidays and vacations, with good connectivity. The society here is dedicated to growing medicinal plants and greenery, which adds to the delightful atmosphere of the place.

Public transport is available 24/7, and there is easy cab availability. The roads are well maintained, and place has good hotels and is safe to park your vehicle. Although the locality is not well connected to highways, markets and grocery shops are within walking distance.

1. Jivdani Temple: Virar Sacred Hilltop

5 Best Places to Visit in Virar, Maharashtra

On the Jivdani hill in Virar, a suburb of Mumbai, is the old and well-known Maa Jivdani temple. It is Virar’s most important symbol, and it is on a mountain. The only temple of Goddess Jivdani in the country is there. It is on a hill in the eastern part of the city and is about 1375 steps above the ground.

According to Hindu legend, Hindu mythology says that this temple on a hill in a small city called Virar near Mumbai is very strong. Its history goes back to when Lord Shiva was bringing the body of his wife Sati. Pieces of her body fell in 52 different places around the world, making this a “shaktipeeth.” The temple is on a hill that is almost 500 meters (almost 1500 feet) above sea level. The view from the top is very beautiful. There are 1200 steps and one landing.

How to reach Jivdani Temple

Jivdani Temple is in amazing location , the temple can be easily reached by train with Virar Station being the closest railway stop. Nestled on a hill near Virar’s railway station, the Jeevdani temple is a must-visit spot in Mumbai’s suburbs.

The climbing steps are totally safe and range from 1300-1465 feet. Perfect for an adventurous climb! If you’re planning a visit to the Jivdani temple in Virar, make sure to take advantage of the special ropeway tickets available for elderly or physically disabled visitors. These tickets cost just Rs. 150 per person, and provide a convenient and comfortable way to reach the temple.

Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to experience the beauty and spirituality of this historic site! Experience the hustle and bustle of special and crowded days like a true traveler! On Sundays and Thursdays, the Jivdani Devi temple attracts a larger crowd than usual.

2. Arnala Beach:Why Arnala Beach Should Be Your Next Vacation Destination

5 Best Places to Visit in Virar, Maharashtra
Arnala Beach

If you’re looking for a serene escape from the hustle and bustle of Mumbai, Arnala Beach is a must-visit destination. Just a short 9 km drive from Virar train station, this beach offers a peaceful retreat with stunning views of the Arabian Sea.Getting around Vira(West) is easy with auto-rickshaws and local buses readily available near the railway station.

Hop on the bus from Virar Station(West) and alight at the final stop, just a stone’s throw away from the stunning Arnala beach. The stunning coconut grove garden at the main beach is home to some delightful restaurants.

Arnala village boasts of some amazing beach resort hotels that are perfect for couples looking for a romantic getaway or families planning a fun-filled vacation. These hotels offer swimming pool facilities and cozy cottages on rent, making your stay comfortable and enjoyable.

Additionally, there were two impressive permanent Dhabba’s serving up mouth-watering food and snacks. Stay safe while swimming!Experience the thrill of camel rides along the beach, a popular leisure activity among tourists.

3. Vasai Fort: A National Heritage Site

5 Best Places to Visit in Virar, Maharashtra
Vasai Fort

The Archaeological Survey of India is responsible for preserving the historic Vasai Fort because of its significance and national pride. The fort of Vasai is located around 48 kilometers to the north of Mumbai. Vasai is the name given to this fort in the Marathi language; nonetheless, it was formerly known as Bassein Fort.Chimaji Appa was able to take control of this Portuguese fort, which features a magnificent structure as well as breathtaking flora and fauna on its grounds.

The fort is spacious enough to accommodate visitors for an entire day. The fort is located close to the water, but visitors are advised to travel there in groups and to avoid visiting during the week because the inhabitants may be rather impolite and criminal activity takes place there. Sunday is the greatest day to visit the fort because that is when you will find the most families and couples there. So there is no need to be concerned on Sunday.

How to reach Vasai Fort

To reach the fort, get on a train from Churchgate to Virar Railway Station. To reach the fort, hop on an auto-rickshaw or taxi from here. If you’re looking to explore the fort near Virar Terminus, take a bus from the nearby depot and get ready for an adventure! If you’re looking for a quick getaway from Mumbai, Vasai is just 77 kilometers away along the scenic Mumbai-Ahmedabad highway.

4. Rajodi Beach:Experience the Best of Rajodi Beach

5 Best Places to Visit in Virar, Maharashtra

Rajodi Beach is a stunning destination located in Palghar District, in the far north suburbs of Mumbai. To get here, simply head to Virar and follow the Vasai-Virar coastal strip. The growing popularity of dolphin sightings and other adventure activities on the water has contributed to a surge in tourism. You shouldn’t miss this fantastic attraction when in Virar.

Nestled between the stunning beaches of Arnala and Kalamb lies a hidden gem on the Konkan coast. This hidden gem of a beach is a true oasis of tranquility and cleanliness, largely undiscovered by the typical tourist crowds. If you’re planning a trip to Virar, make sure to add this place to your itinerary; it’s definitely worth a visit!

How to reach Rajodi Beach

You may easily drive down to the beach from Virar, which is located in this area. You can travel to Vivar station by taking a western local train and getting off at that station. You can then use a rickshaw, the bus, or another kind of public transportation.

5. Pelhar Dam lake: Where Adventure Meets Serenity

5 Best Places to Visit in Virar, Maharashtra

The Pelhar Dam lake in the Vasai Virar area is a rock earth dam that serves as a city’s water supply reservoir. In 1975, work began on this dam. This reservoir looks like the shape of a heart from arial view. This dam is approximately 500 meters in length.

The entrance is closed to vehicles. The dam has a surface size of roughly 700 by 700 meters. Although the water level drops in the summer, a waterfall is generated on the opposite side when iron gates are opened and left open. Water rushes down the rocks at a high rate of speed. The dam is large and contains a diverse ecosystem. When it rains a lot, the water level might rise quickly.

The area around the waterfall is hazardous due to the slick rocks and strong currents of water. Beautiful, unspoilt lake. This lake is clean since it serves as a water supply. The rivers that feed the dam originate in the Tungareshwar Hills. Other accounts call the river “abma.” The Tungareshwar Fort stands as a backdrop to the dams.

Visiting Pelhar Lake during monsoon season is a unique and memorable experience. The natural beauty of the place, the peaceful atmosphere, and the friendly locals make it a must-visit destination. So, pack your bags and head out to explore this hidden gem of Maharashtra.

Talk to the people and learn as much as you can about the area. Many restaurants and shops are located in the area. Visit Pelhar Lake, also known as Pelhar Dam, during the Monsoon Season. It was the best experience of my life. The area around Pelhar dam is peaceful. There aren’t a lot of people here because not many people know about it, so it’s nice and quiet. August is the best month to visit this location. The lake is at its fullest in August.

A small yet impressive cascade is formed by the lake’s outflow. A bicycle is the most efficient means of transportation to get here. Since it is a mud road, getting to Pelhar dam is impossible while it is raining. Put your bikes away at the next settlement and take a stroll to the dam and lake.


Virar is an amazing city with lots of things to do. There is Amazing thing for each and every one, from beautiful beaches to ancient sites. We hope that  you got something from this post about the 5 best places to visit in Virar.

We hope you loved this guide to the best places to visit in Virar. Please let us know in the comments if we missed any beautiful places in Virar. Thanks!

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