Best 200+ Creative and Unique Indian Beauty Parlour Name Ideas and Tips

Best 200+ Creative and Unique Indian Beauty Parlour Name Ideas and Tips
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Starting a Beauty Parlour  or Salon can be an exciting and rewarding  venture, but finding the perfect Indian Beauty Parlour name for your business can be a challenge. A good beauty parlour name can help establish your brand and attract customers, so it’s important to put thought and consideration into finding the right name. If you’re opening an Indian Beauty Parlour  there are cultural themes and ideas that can inspire a unique and memorable name for your business.

Cultural Themes to Consider for Indian Beauty Parlour or Beauty Salons:

When it comes to naming your business , there are several cultural themes that can serve as inspiration. Traditional Indian beauty treatments, such as henna, herbal remedies, and massage, can provide ideas for names.

Hindu gods and goddesses, such as Lakshmi, Parvati, and Ganesha, are also popular sources of inspiration. Sanskrit words, such as “Swasthya” (health) or “Ananda” (joy), can also be used as part of your salon name. These cultural themes can help connect your business to the rich heritage and traditions of India and make your beauty salon stand out.

what is the Importance of a Good Beauty Parlour ?

Indian Beauty Parlour Name Ideas

A good Beauty Parlour or Salon  name is crucial for branding and marketing purposes. Your name is often the first thing potential customers see and hear about your business, so it’s important to make a lasting impression. A well-chosen name can reflect the services and treatments you offer, and make your business stand out from the competition.

How to Come Up with Unique Names for a Beauty Salon?

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It’s important to be creative and think outside the box when coming up with names for beauty parlors. Here are some ideas to help you find the perfect name for your Indian beauty salon:
Try combining two words or phrases to create a unique name, such as “Henna Haven” or “Herbal Healing”.  
Use a personal nickname, the name of a family member, or a memorable place to inspire your beauty salon name.
Think about who your target audience is and what they may be looking for in your Parlour. This can help guide you in choosing a name that appeals to your target demographic.

Contemporary Indian Beauty Parlour Names:

If you’re looking for a modern and trendy name for your Indian beauty salon, here are some contemporary name ideas to inspire you:

Here is a list of 100 Indian best and creative beauty Salon names ideas:

  1. Aasha  Parlour (hope)
  2. Allure Beauty
  3. American Beauty Bar
  4. Anjali Parlour (offering)
  5. Arpana Parlour  (offering)
  6. Artistic Touch
  7. Aruna Parlour  (dawn)
  8. Aum Spa
  9. Ayurvedic Beauty
  10. Beauty Bliss
  11. Bella Beauty
  12. Blissful Beauty
  13. Blissful Beauty
  14. Bold & Beautiful
  15. Bollywood Beauty
  16. Chakra Spa
  17. Classy Cuts
  18. Divine Delight
  19. Divya Parlour (divine)
  20. Dream Spa
  21. Elite Elegance
  22. Elite Elegance
  23. Emerald Escape
  24. Enchanted Beauty
  25. Fantastic Faces
  26. Flawless Beauty
  27. Fresh Faces
  28. Glam Squad
  29. Glamour Goddess
  30. Glamourous Goddesses
  31. Glitz & Glam
  32. Golden Glows
  33. Golden Glows
  34. Graceful Glamour
  35. Heavenly Hair
  36. Henna Haven
  37. Herbal Healing
  38. Hollywood Beauty
  39. Indulge
  40. Indulge Spa
  41. Indulgent Spa
  42. Jazzy Beauty
  43. Jiva Spa (soul)
  44. Kama Parlour (desire)
  45. Karma Spa
  46. Lakshmi Parlour (goddess of wealth)
  47. Lotus Lane
  48. Lotus Love
  49. Lotus Love
  50. Luxe Beauty
  51. Magic Touch
  52. Majestic Beauty
  53. Majestic Mane
  54. Majestic Mane
  55. Modern Muse
  56. Natura Parlour
  57. Natura Spa
  58. Nirmal Parlour (pure)
  59. Om Spa
  60. Pristine Pampering
  61. Pristine Pampering
  62. Pure Pampering
  63. Radiant Faces
  64. Radiant Faces
  65. Radiant Radiance
  66. Radiant Radiance
  67. Rang (color)
  68. Refreshing Beauty
  69. Shanti Parlour (peace)
  70. Shree Parlour (prosperity)
  71. Silk Strands
  72. Silk Strands
  73. Simply Beautiful
  74. Soothing Scissors
  75. Soothing Spa
  76. Spice Spa
  77. Spice Spa
  78. Sublime Beauty
  79. Sunny Spa
  80. The Beauty Bar
  81. The Beauty Bar
  82. The Beauty Spot
  83. The Glam Room
  84. The Spa Room
  85. Tranquil Touch
  86. Tres Chic
  87. Uma (beauty)
  88. Urban Beauty
  89. Urban Oasis
  90. Urban Oasis
  91. Velvet Touch
  92. Vibrant Beauty
  93. Vibrant Beauty
  94. Vintage Beauty
  95. Vitality Spa
  96. Wonder Women
  97. Zen Beauty
  98. Zen Spa
  99. Zestful Beauty
  100. Sunface Beauty parlour

South Asian Beauty Salon Names:

 If you want to appeal to a wider audience, consider incorporating South Asian-inspired themes into your beauty salon name.

Here is a list of 50 memorable and unique beauty Salon names:

  1. The Makeover Place
  2. Scissors N’ Razors
  3. Masterpieces Beauty Salon
  4. Curl Me Crazy
  5. Auburn Studio
  6. Live or Dye
  7. Spectrum Hair Salon
  8. The Beauty Lair
  9. Tousled Tresses
  10. Highlights Salon
  11. Chop Shop
  12. Mirror Mirror
  13. Structures
  14. Ella’s Touch
  15. Smooth Transitions
  16. Stardom Fashion & Style
  17. Mystique Salon
  18. Glitter Girls
  19. Salon Envy
  20. Solo Salon
  21. Lavender Park
  22. Just For You
  23. Little Peggie
  24. Omni Lash Lounge
  25. Salon de Elegance
  26. La Coiffure Salon
  27. Le Nail Salon
  28. Pinky Blush
  29. Plush Beauty Bar
  30. The Big Tease Salon
  31. Chameleon Salon
  32. Mane Beautipro
  33. Beauty Garden
  34. Beauty with Grace
  35. Inspirations Salon
  36. Rejuvenate
  37. Zenesty
  38. Blossom Leaf
  39. Serenity Salon
  40. Regal Stars
  41. Cute Cutting
  42. The Golden File
  43. Polish Me Pretty
  44. Polished Lounge
  45. Magic Touch
  46. Bossy Nails
  47. Get Nailed!
  48. Holy Nails!
  49. My Hair Lady
  50. Little Shop of Hairdos

64 Unique Salon Name Ideas

  1. The Godbarber
  2. Hair Rap II
  3. Rap Unzels
  4. Ready to Dye
  5. Snip Dogg
  6. Antidote
  7. Bad Apple Salon
  8. Banger’s and Slash
  9. Hair Game
  10. Last One Snipping
  11. Gotta Get Ya Into My Chair
  12. Intertwine Hair Design
  13. Naturally Divine Beauty
  14. The Braidy Bunch
  15. Ahead of Hair Time
  16. Blown Away
  17. Get the Hair Outta Here
  18. Got to be Hair
  19. Fringe Benefits
  20. Shear Brilliance
  21. Aphrodite Hair Solon
  22. Style Studio
  23. Choppers
  24. Cutting’s What I Do
  25. Only the Best Will ‘Do
  26. Bubble Trouble
  27. Luxurious Lather
  28. Best Bubbles
  29. D’lux
  30. Skinceptional
  31. Lashes & Lacquer
  32. Beauty Lab
  33. Beauty Saloon
  34. Touch & Care
  35. Beauty Kitchen
  36. Celavi
  37. Derma Den
  38. Dermalogica
  39. Dolly Birds
  40. Pink
  41. Beauty Base
  42. Beautiva
  43. Beauty Republic
  44. The Beauty Hub
  45. Lumi
  46. Moonlight Salon
  47. Dermology
  48. Halo
  49. Hype
  50. Pixies
  51. Vybz
  52. Skyn
  53. Skin Spa
  54. Skinology
  55. Skn Spa
  56. Skin Laundry
  57. POP
  58. Cloud 9
  59. Skin Loft
  60. Derma
  61. Derma Spa
  62. Enfuse
  63. ReVit
  64. Pink Paradise

Finally, a good name for your beauty parlor is important for building your brand and bringing in customers. When coming up with a name, think about cultural themes and traditions. Use your imagination and your own experiences to come up with a name that is unique and easy to remember. Whether you choose a name that is modern, based on South Asian culture, or more traditional, make sure it fits the services and treatments you offer and appeals to your target audience.

10 thoughts on “Best 200+ Creative and Unique Indian Beauty Parlour Name Ideas and Tips”

    • Hi  Heer,
      First of all, thanks for visiting our website.
      I have some suggestions for the salon name beginning with your first name”
      “Heer’s Haven Salon”
      The word “Haven” makes you think of a place to rest, relax, and feel better, which is a good description of what a salon is supposed to be. Adding “Heer” to the beginning makes the Salon more personal and gives it a unique touch. People will also find it easy to connect the salon with you, the owner.

      Here are ten more salon name suggestions starting with Heer,” which you may find helpful.
      Heer’s Beauty Haven
      Heer’s Chic Cuts
      Heer’s Radiant Locks
      Heer’s Serenity Salon
      Heer’s Enchanting Styles
      Heer’s Glamour Lounge
      Heer’s Divine Tresses
      Heer’s Elegant Touch
      Heer’s Graceful Curls
      Heer’s Aura Salon

  1. Pls suggest me for salon name I want to open salon with my name Balwinder kour (Seema) . I am from Punjab.

    • Congratulations, Balwinder Kaur ji, in advance for opening and starting your salon business!
      It’s a great idea to add your name for a personal touch. Being from Punjab, consider Punjabi or Indian elements for local appeal. Here are a few suggestions for our Team and Good luck with your new venture!

      Seema’s Punjabi Touch Salon
      Balwinder Kour’s Glam Studio
      Punjab Diva Salon by Seema
      Kaur’s Ethnic Beauty Salon
      Seema’s Royal Cuts & Beauty Lounge
      Punjab Pride Beauty Parlor
      Balwinder’s Dazzling Makeovers
      Seema’s Panache Salon & Spa
      Punjab Princess Beauty Hub
      Kaur’s Radiant Beauty Spot

      short name, which you may find helpful, and make some changes to it as you wish.

      Seema’s Glam Studio
      Punjab Beauty Hub
      Kaur’s Makeover Spot
      Balwinder’s Style Zone
      Desi Diva Salon
      Seema’s Ethnic Charm
      Punjab Chic Cuts
      Kour’s Beauty Lounge
      Seema’s Trendy Tresses
      Punjabi Princess Salon

  2. Pls suggest me for salon name I want to open salon with my name mishva patel (mishu, mishi ) . I am from Gujarat rajkot. Please sir ans me.

    • Of course, we can help you brainstorm some salon name ideas using your name “Mishva Patel” and your nicknames “Mishu” or “Mishi.
      Here are some suggestions:
      Mishi’s Glam Haven: This name combines your nickname “Mishi” with the idea of a haven for beauty and glamor.
      Mishu’s Style Studio: A stylish and personalized touch with “Mishu” that indicates a place for creative and trendy styles.
      Mishi’s Artistry Salon: Emphasizing your full name, this name conveys a sense of artistic excellence in beauty.
      Rajkot Radiance by Mishu: A nod to your location in Rajkot while highlighting the radiance your salon will provide.
      Mishu’s Beauty Oasis: Creating an oasis of beauty and relaxation where clients can rejuvenate.
      Mishi’s Signature Styles: Focusing on your nickname “Mishi” and the unique styles you offer.
      Mishva’s Glamour Corner: A corner where glamour and beauty meet, highlighting your expertise.
      Mishu’s Beauty Enclave: An enclave suggests exclusivity and a special place for beauty treatments.
      Mishi’s Elegance Salon: Emphasizing elegance as a key feature of your salon’s services.
      Mishu’s Chic Charm: Combining your name with the idea of chic and charming beauty services.
      Mishu’s Salon & Spa
      Mishva’s Beauty Hub
      Mishi’s Glamour Studio
      Mishu’s Style Sanctuary
      Mishi’s Radiant Reflections
      Mishu’s Beauty Oasis
      Mishu’s Signature Looks
      Mishi’s Elegance Emporium
      Mishu’s Rajkot Beauty Lounge

      Remember to check if your chosen name is available for business registration in your area. Best wishes for your new salon venture!

  3. I am from Rajasthan & I found the best salon name for new beginning or mai apne salon ka apne naam se related nhi rkhna chati please suggest me best salon name …..


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