Hike to Paradise: Mt. Sielkal Peak Trek in Dima Hasao

By Dtraveltrek Team, 22nd November, 2023

Uncover the beauty of Mt. Sielkal, standing tall at 1500 meters in Assam

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P. Leikul Village

Your journey starts in the charming P. Leikul village. Fuel up with a hearty breakfast and local guides before embarking on this thrilling trek.

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Accessible Trekking

A trek suitable for all skill levels. The short trek to Sielkal Peak can be completed in just 2-3 hours, making it accessible to most trekkers

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Mt. Sielkal & Tumjang Trek

A journey to Sielkal Peak and beyond. Explore Sielkal Peak and get a glimpse of the highest peak in Assam, Tumjang Peak at 1860 meters.

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Your Starting Point

Setting off from P. Leikul village. Begin your adventure with a drive to P. Leikul, a village surrounded by the beauty of the Borail Range.

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Welcome to Tumjang

The point where your journey diverges. As you reach the 'Welcome to Tumjang' gate, choose the path leading to Sielkal Peak for an exciting ascent.

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Scenic Ascent

Witnessing nature's beauty during the hike. Capture the allure of pine-covered flatlands and the captivating atmosphere surrounding Sielkal Peak.

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The Final Push

Conquering the last leg of the ascent. Prepare for the challenging but rewarding final 500 meters to the summit.

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Breathtaking Views

Savoring the rewards at the summit. Marvel at the awe-inspiring vistas from Mt. Sielkal Peak.

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Mt. Sielkal Peak Watch Tower

A glimpse of the Mahur river and more. Experience the beauty of Mahur river and potential train sightings from the watchtower.

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The Descent

Returning from the summit. The descent can be challenging, especially on the steep sections. Exercise caution.

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A Rewarding Adventure

A dream come true for nature enthusiasts. Mt. Sielkal Peak offers a rich blend of nature's beauty, culture, and manageable challenges.

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Future Adventures

More to explore in Dima Hasao. As the region develops, expect new treks and exciting experiences. Consider Sielkal Peak for your next adventure.

A memorable trek to Sielkal Peak

A memorable trek to Sielkal Peak. Embrace the beauty of nature and culture on this remarkable journey in Dima Hasao. 

Photo Credit :  Dtraveltrek IN Team