Unique Things to do on Birthday in Mumbai

Image Credit: Satyajeet Mazumdar

By Dtraveltrek IN Team, 07/12/2023

Unforgettable Birthday Celebrations in Mumbai. Let's dive into the excitement!

Sailing Splendor: A Yacht Adventure

Image Credit: Blue Bay Marine

Blue Bay Marine and Ava Marine Services offer tailored boat party packages for a memorable celebration."

Luxury and Luck at Deltin's Royale Casinos

Image Credit: Deltin's Royale casinos

Indulge in a lavish birthday experience at Deltin's Royale casinos in Goa.

Masterchef-Inspired Party

Image Credit: Jay Wennington

Cook, learn, and dine on delightful creations, from barbeques to pastry workshops, for a unique celebration.

Relaxing Spa Party

Image Credit: Alan Caishan

Indulge in pampering and relaxation with a spa-themed birthday at venues like Aura Thai Spa or Spa La Vie by L’Occitane.

Mumbai's Vintage Charm

Image Credit: Pali Bhavan

Immerse yourself in the rich cultural ambiance of Mumbai at Pali Bhavan. From traditional flavors to contemporary delights.

Chill Out at Iceqube Lounge

Enjoy drinks and conversations in this frosty atmosphere, providing a unique and refreshing birthday experience in the midst of Mumbai's heat."

Bowl and Bond

Image Credit: Amoeba Sports Bar

Amoeba  sports bars offer action-packed birthdays with bowling, beer, and finger foods.

Pub and Food Crawls

Embark on a pub crawl adventure in Bandra's vibrant nightlife scene or set up a food crawl.

Wine Tasting Soiree

Add elegance to your home birthday party with private wine tastings by The Happy High.

Image Credit: The Happy High

Karaoke Night Glamour

Sing your heart out at Merlin’s Karaoke bar for a vibrant and entertaining birthday bash with glamour and music.

Image Credit: Merlin’s Karaoke bar