Unforgettable Things to Do at Kualoa Ranch with Families

By Romit Kemprai, 20/01/2024

Discover a scenic paradise offering an array of family-friendly activities amid breathtaking landscapes.

A Family-Friendly Adventure at Kualoa Ranch

Embark on the Kualoa Open Air Jungle Expedition Tour for an immersive family adventure amidst lush landscapes, exotic flora, and fauna.

Explore the Wild

Traverse lush trails, witness exotic flora and fauna, and create lasting memories in nature’s embrace.

Hollywood’s Backyard Extravaganza

Engage in family fun as you discover iconic movie locations from Jurassic Park to Kong: Skull Island, creating cherished memories.

Lights, Camera, Action

Engage in family fun as you discover iconic movie locations, from Jurassic Park to Kong: Skull Island.

Roar into Excitement with Dinosaurs

Roar into excitement with the Kualoa Jurassic Movie Set Adventure Tour. Explore iconic movie sets and feel the thrill of the Jurassic world with your family.

Kualoa Jurassic Movie Set Adventure

Ignite your family’s excitement with this perfect blend of education and thrills.

Family Bonding on the Farm and Island

Explore the farm, engage in interactive activities, and discover hidden wonders on the ranch and nearby islands.

Off-Road Family Thrills at Kualoa Ranch

Conquer the terrain together on the Kualoa Ranch Guided UTV Tour. Buckle up for an off-road family thrill that promises excitement and unforgettable moments.

Navigate Challenging Landscapes

With experienced guides, navigate through challenging landscapes, creating exhilarating memories that will be talked about for years.

Horseback Riding at Kualoa Ranch

Experience the thrill of riding through lush landscapes, creating unforgettable memories surrounded by the picturesque scenery.

Family Moments on Horseback

Perfect for beginners or pros, this activity gives a unique view of Kualoa Ranch, ensuring a memorable family adventure.