Overtourism in Hawai'i: A Growing Problem

Hawaii attracts approximately 10 million tourists yearly. Overtourism is one consequence of this visitor inflow.

By Romit Kemprai   26 June, 2023

Rising cost of living

The high demand for tourism has spiked housing, food, and other prices. Locals may struggle to afford Hawaii. Pay Scale report on the cost of living in Hawaii  

Litter and pollution

The environment can suffer the consequences of tourists' littering and pollution.

Loss of cultural identity

The demands of tourists may force natives to change their customs and traditions, which might result in a loss of cultural identity.

According to Crvil Beat, the large number of tourists has put pressure on the state's infrastructure, which has led to more traffic jams in Honolulu.

There is no simple solution to overtourism. However, Hawai'i's overtourism can be managed in several ways, including

Permits or reservations might limit tourists in particular regions.

Limiting the number of tourists allowed in certain areas

Eco-tourism and off-the-beaten-path sites can help tourists experience Hawai'i in a more sustainable way.

Promoting alternative tourism  experiences

Responsible tourism in Hawai'i may reduce overtourism's negative consequences. Some ideas to consider:

Leave no trace and educate yourself about Hawaiian history and customs to show respect for the local people and their land.

Be respectful of the local environment and culture

Eat at local places, shop at local stores, and stay in local accommodations.

Support local businesses