15 Jaw-Dropping Maui Waterfalls

Adventurers and nature enthusiasts! Ready to explore Maui’s most spectacular waterfalls?

by Romit Kemprai 9 May, 2023

Waimoku Falls

Waimoku Falls is a popular spot for hikers and nature lovers. A picturesque trail through thick trees and exotic vegetation leads there. An adventure!

Twin Falls

Twin Falls is easiest to reach from Paia Town on Maui’s north shore.  “Twin Falls” is so named because two streams of water run together like closest friends. That’s cool!

Upper Waikani Falls

Upper Waikani Falls, or Three Bears Falls, are three stunning Maui Waterfalls that resemble a bear family playing in the water.

Makamakaole Falls

Makamakaole Falls in Wailuku, Hawaii, is a stunning Maui waterfall. Makamaka’ole Falls Trail (13 Crossings Trail) leads there. The 2-mile walk is moderately challenging.

Hanawi Falls

Maui’s stunning scenery lines the 2-mile trail to the waterfall. You may see beautiful birds and hear nature sounds while you walk.

Pua’a Ka’a Falls

This waterfalls can be found in the Pua’a Ka’a State Wayside Park, which is situated off the Hana Highway, between mile markers 22 and 23.

Wailua Falls

Wailua Falls is a short trip along the Hana Highway. From the parking lot, you can see the waterfall without hiking.

Punalau Falls

About half a mile of rock-hopping up the creek leads to a fantastic reward. A pleasant, secluded swimming place. It’s not for the average traveller!

Honokohau Falls

Honokohau Falls is not accessible by car or foot, so a helicopter tour is your best bet for seeing it and the waterfall is said to be the tallest waterfall on Maui at about 1100ft.

Makapipi Falls

Roadside views of this waterfall. Park your car and walk on the bridge to take pictures. If traffic is light, you can slow down or stop directly on the bridge to see it.

Manawainui Falls

You’ll have to go on a hiking trip to get to Manawainui Falls. The lovely tropical forest trail begins near Hana. The trek is difficult, but the scenery is worth it.

Alelele Falls

It is in the Alelele Valley, a special place with lush forests and beautiful views all around. You have to hike along a path that starts near the town of Hana to get to Alelele Falls.

Waikamoi Falls

Maui’s Waikamoi Falls can be found in the enchanting Waikamoi Preserve, which is a protected area filled with lush greenery and diverse wildlife.

Makahiku Falls

Hike through a bamboo grove from the Pipiwai Trailhead. The walk leads to Makahiku Falls, a 185-foot waterfall.

Puohokamoa Falls

It’s between the Hana Highway’s 10th and 11th miles. Its Upper and Lower Puohokamoa Falls are magnificent. They create a 200-foot waterfall!