10 Things to do Near Ponmudi Hill Station

Ponmudi Hill Station is a beautiful hill station in Thiruvananthapuram District of Kerala. 

By Romit Kemprai, 25/07/2023

1. Peppara Wildlife Sanctuary

Vast sanctuary, diverse flora & fauna. Explore forests, wildlife safari, spot elephants, deer & birds in natural habitat

2. Agastyakoodam

Rising majestically as the highest peak in the region, Agastyakoodam is a trekker’s paradise and a pilgrimage site.

3. Ponmudi Tea Garden

Relax at Ponmudi Tea Garden, stroll amidst lush green plantations, and witness tea production process

4. Meenmutty Falls

Visit Meenmutty Falls near Ponmudi for a mesmerizing waterfall experience. Scenic trek through dense forests

5. Golden Valley

Enchanting beauty, vibrant flowers, gurgling streams. Leisurely walk, picnic, capture breathtaking views.

6. Ponmudi Hilltop

Scenic bird's-eye view. Misty hills, green valleys, winding roads. Perfect for photos and tranquility

7. Ponmudi Watch Tower

Climb Ponmudi Watch Tower for panoramic views of misty hills and lush green landscapes. Embrace nature's serenity

8. Braemore Waterfalls

Braemore Waterfalls near Ponmudi: hidden gem amid nature's splendor. Tranquil, perfect for nature lovers & photographers

9. Ponmudi Dam

Man-made marvel amid lush greenery. Serene atmosphere for a stroll or peaceful picnic. Appreciate engineering feat

10. Varayadu Motta

Scenic viewpoint in Ponmudi. Breathtaking panoramic views of mist-covered hills and verdant valleys. Must-visit for nature & photography enthusiasts