10 Best  Things to Do in Honnavar, Karnataka

By DtravelTrek IN Team   24th July, 2023

Explore Honnavar for an unparalleled journey. Unveil a coastal gem woven with history, nature, and culture.

1. Apsarakonda Waterfall

Visit the beautiful Apsarakonda Waterfall before travelling to Honnavar. The waterfall cascades down rocks surrounded by lush greenery.

2. Explore Apsarakonda Beach

After exploring Apsarakonda Waterfall, you may immediately reach Apsara Beach. The flawless sands and rhythmic waves create a quiet, calm setting. 

3. Mangrove Boardwalk

Walk on raised paths through these important areas, surrounded by bird sounds and rustling leaves. Feel closer to nature's beauty.

4. Eco Beach in Honnavar

It is a blue-flag beach, which means it is one of the cleanest beaches in the world.

5. Sharavati Backwater Boat Ride

Take a boat ride along the Sharavati Backwaters to learn about history Modern life and ancient ruins coexist as the tranquil waterways lead you past them.

6. Kodlamane Sri Maha Vishnu Temple

The Kodlamane Sri Maha Vishnu Temple is a spiritual place to get lost. Due to its exquisite design and peaceful atmosphere, it offers peace and quiet. 

7. Basavaraj Durga Islands

The mysterious Basavaraj Durga Islands are worth visiting.An old fort and the view from the top offer a glimpse into the past. 

8. Honnavar Port

Visit Honnavar Port to learn about the city's seafaring history. Many people working, bright fishing boats, and fresh seafood fragrance make a lively atmosphere. 

9. Pavinakurva Hanging Bridge

This hanging bridge serves as a lifeline for the locals, enabling them to cross over to their homes with ease.

10. Ramanagindi Beach View Point

Our last stop in Honnavar is Ramanagindi Beach View Point. Allow the immense tranquility that comes from seeing the massive shoreline and water overwhelm you.